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Shifting Gears: from trucks to tents

Leaving life on the road to becoming the owner of Meadow falls: A tale of adventure, hard work and passion for the outdoors.

Photograph of David (Dave) Holman and Liz Holman standing by a large rock with the forest of Bowland in the background.  Holding an award from Premier Parks.
Dave and Liz

Name - David Holman

Job Tile - Site Owner

Roles - Ground maintenance, Part time cleaner, general chit chatter 😉 

Home town - Knutsford, Cheshire.

Dave's early years were spent navigating the roads in his Scania 420 Topline, exploring cities like Gibraltar, Athens, and Rome. He passed his HGV Class1 at age 23 and worked for SJI Transport.  After several years of long haul and away from home, Dave decided to move back to base, where he took an office job for a courier company.

As luck would happen this is when he met Liz, started his own Parcel company and the family began. 

Blue Scania Truck
Travelling the open road

Both Dave and Liz had their own businesses and so snatching time together as a family was difficult.  Dave came up with the idea of buying a caravan to enjoy weekends enjoy a change of scenery and experiencing the outdoors.  What started as brief getaways soon turned into a full-blown love for camping life.

Visiting many different styles of sites, some with huge entertainment on site, to small places with limited facilities.  Dave started taking pictures of Elsan tanks and saying “not seen one like that before” or “I wouldn’t have done that like that” 

So one night, with a few beers and a star filled sky, Dave said “I’m done with my business”.  The brain storming began and a decision to buy a campsite was made.

Finding a site, within a radius from home and price range was not easy.  But eventually something cropped up which sounded terrible on paper and looked even worse in reality.

That must be the one!

Jump forward from 2015 when the site was finally signed for to now is unbelievable.  Some days you have to pinch yourself to keep looking back at the photos to remind yourself of how far you’ve come.

David (Dave) Holman holding a spirit level to a fence post.  Having removed removed an old fence and stalling a new one.
Improving woks

Building pods, changing the shower block, upgrading all the site; road, pitches, electrics etc.  It’s been an absolute blast of Hard work and determination with blood, sweat and tears.

Daves favourite part of the job is meeting new people Despite Liz's playful reminder to get back to work, Dave enjoys engaging with guests, offering pointers to hidden gems and telling the secrets locations that only the locals are supposed to know about.

DAvid holman abseling down the entrance of Alum Pot to start a caving adventure.  Wearing full caving gear, ropes, harnesses, hard hats and head torches.
Assending Alum Pot

The range of activities available in Ingleton (The land of caves and waterfalls) is mind blowing.  Canyoning down the Ingleton Waterfalls trail; abseiling down Alum pot, travelling in a winch down Gaping gill, crawling through mud and squeezing through gaps; being underground for hours not worrying about the outside world.   An experience that Dave and his Owen have been able to enjoy together doing things they would never have even thought possible living in Knutsford.

The decision to uproot from Knutsford has proven to be life-changing, with Ingleton now

being the cherished home for the entire family. The village has warmly embraced the campsite and the family. Now deeply connected to the community, Dave is a contributing member of the walking football team and serves as a local parish councillor.

In the end, what started as a dream of a quieter life away from the business hustle has blossomed into the greatest achievement—a thriving family-run campsite, where guests aren't just visitors but friends of Meadow Falls.


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I knew Dave in his previous life in Knutsford. I used Dave’s parcel business in my business and he was always a pleasure to work with and incredibly professional. At that time I had no idea of his experiences and passion for the outdoor life…..I was disappointed when he left Knutsford, but as a camper myself I was keen to see what he was doing in Ingleton ….wow what I saw was amazing…..and he has developed the site so much since then….. what he and his wife and family have done there could only have been made so successful by someone who gets immense pleasure from seeing people enjoy the outdoors as much as he does!!! It certainly is the…


We absolutely love camping or staying in the pods at Meadow Falls we have brought our friends family and the grandchildren. Its a very safe friendly and well maintained site and we look forward to coming back in 2024 and we will be introducing our youngest grandchild to the site next year . Take care Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

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