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From kit frame to Kingsdale Cabin - The build

Are you ready for the journey? – the construction of our newest glamping masterpiece, the Kinsgdale Cabin. Buckle up, grab your virtual hard hat, and get ready to see the transformation from bare bones to a luxurious escape!

The Foundation: Farewell, Old Friend, Hello New Adventure

We had an existing glamping pod on the chosen site, a cosy couples haven which we carefully relocated to its new, equally charming spot. Ready for the larger footprint for Kingsdale Cabin.

Patience & Preparation: Waiting for the Perfect Weather

Mother Nature, as she often does, had her own plans. Rain in winter, who would have thought? The closed season, October to March, is the only chance we get to bring in the diggers and break soil. No-one wants to hear noisy machinery during their holiday. But we weren't deterred, we carried on regardless. We used some of this time for meticulous planning, preparation and choosing the interior finishes. We just needed a clear few days to get it all started.

The Foundation: The Kit Frame Arrives

The adventure begins with the arrival of the cabin's skeleton – the kit frame. Imagine a giant 3D puzzle made of pre-cut timber, ready to test the strength of our marriage like putting the awning up after a long drive. Carefully unloaded and laid out, this frame forms the entire structure of our soon-to-be cabin. This initial stage is when we get to see for the first time the size of the project.

Framing the Future: building from the bottom up

With a steady rhythm of hammering and head scratching, the frame is built and the underside is clad. Built face down the cabin base must be reinforced before it can be lowered onto it's resting place. All the noggins carefully inserted to add structure and stability, it was time to call in the helpers. With some expert local knowledge in climbing equipment, ropes were secured to a vehicle and the whole cabin was slowly lowered into position.

Building the Comfort: Insulation and Weatherproofing

Once the frame is complete, it's time to ensure year-round comfort. Weatherproofing materials are applied, safeguarding the cabin from wind and rain, ensuring a comfortable stay for our future guests. Beautiful locally sourced larch timer cladding was added and Insulation gets meticulously installed, creating a cosy haven from the outside elements.

From Functional to Fabulous: Adding the Finishing Touches

Now comes the magic! working out where all the electrics are going to be. Plug sockets and bed side lamps, USB charging points, light fittings on the ceiling, water heater systems, fridges; All these things have to be planned and placed before the internal walls be can fixed and the sparkle can be added.

The Luxurious Touches: Making Glamping Shine

The focus shifts from functionality to creating a luxurious ambience. Walls are adorned with beautiful floral wallpaper and warm, inviting colours. The double bed, promises a restful retreat, with storage for packing away your bags. One of the children's bunks has a peep through window like a tree house. Mirror, chalk board and more storage to ensure your stay is a home from home. When you've finished cooking up a storm on the Fire pit or BBQ there's no need to walk over to the shower block with your pots, as we've thought of that too. We brought the kitchen sink to you.

The pièce de résistance? Stepping outside onto the private terrace, complete with comfortable seating and breath-taking views, over the forest of Bowland to truly connect with nature in style.

Best laid plans: they say it comes in 3's

Just when you think you have everything lined up and ready to go, something pops up to test you.

1 - The frame arrived and wasn't quite as big as we'd planned, so a bit of rejigging on the interior layout.

2 - Dave got the wind knocked out of him when he had a bit of a wobble on the ladder. Said ladder, snapped and he landed on a pile of logs. Some what bruised and possibly a crack to a rib, he was out of action for a while.

3 - The bunk beds didn't fit, back to the drawing board for another layout rejig.

The Big Reveal: The Kinsgdale Cabin is Born

Stepping inside, the initial impression isn't "camping" but pure comfort and sophistication. Each detail, from the carefully chosen furniture to the thoughtfully placed lighting, contributes to a luxurious escape that seamlessly blends the beauty of nature with modern amenities.

We hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the construction of the Kingsdale Cabin. Come and join us, whether you are new to the camping scene or just fancy a touch of luxury. This is the place to start. Why not check out our other blogs, too and coming soon "How to make your camping trip easier - Pack light"



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