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5 Reasons Your Dog Will Wag Their Tail for Meadow Falls!

Updated: Jun 6

Dog sat in woods looking excitd for an adventure
5 Reasons your dog and you will love Meadow Falls

Calling all adventurous dog-go parents!

Planning a getaway that caters to both human and canine desires can be tricky. But fear not, fellow pawsome peeps, because Meadow Falls has your tail-wagging needs covered! Here are 5 reasons why your furry best friend will absolutely love their stay at our scenic haven:

Dog sniffing in grass in a designated exercise area with view of Ingleborough in background
Dog exercise area

1. Unleash the Zoomies in Our 200-Meter Exercise Area 

Let your pup run free and chase those zoomies away in our expansive 200-meter exercise area. It's the perfect place for them to romp, play fetch, and socialize with other furry friends (with proper supervision, of course!). They'll leave feeling happy, exercised, and ready for more fun.

Dog sat in shower tray ready for a good wash after being out walking in the Yorkshire dales and getting muddy
Meadow Falls Dog shower

2. Post-Adventure Pampering in Our Doggy Shower

No muddy paws or soggy snouts allowed indoors! After a day of exploring the great outdoors, treat them in our lovely warm doggy shower. Wash away the day's dirt and leave them smelling pawsome and ready for snuggles by the fire.

Dog lying by the fire in a pub
Pub treats

3. Cheers to Dog-Friendly Pubs & Treats 

After all that exploring, both you and your pup deserve a well-deserved rest and refuel. Luckily, Ingleotn boasts plenty of dog-friendly pubs where you can enjoy a delicious meal and a refreshing drink alongside your furry companion. Don't forget to check out the special doggy menus – your pup will love the tasty treats!

Dog looking longingly ready to chase around the Yorkshire Dales at Ribblehead viaduct
Fun at Ribblehead

4. Nature's Playground: Walks, Rivers, Caves, & Waterfalls

Get ready for some tail-wagging adventures! Meadow Falls is nestled amidst the stunning Yorkshire Dales, offering an abundance of walking trails, refreshing rivers for a quick dip, and even hidden caves to explore. Let your pup sniff out new scents and marvel at the cascading waterfalls – they'll be in doggy paradise!

Glamping pod terrace at Meadow Falls, 2 people and 2 dogs enjoying a brew sat next to campfire.
Relaxing outside the pod

5. Home Away from Home: Dog-Friendly Accommodation

No need to leave your furry family member behind – all our accommodation options, including our cosy glamping pods, are completely dog-friendly! So, relax, unwind, and enjoy the comforts of home with your four-legged companion by your side.

Information about joining Meadow falls on a holiday your dog will love.

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